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Cerro Porteno vs Nacional Asuncion

Cerro Porteno

- founded in October 1, 1912. The home ground of Cerro Porteno is General Pablo Rojas Stadium (La Olla) with a 37.000 capacity.

Nacional Asuncion

Club Nacional founded in 5 June 1904. The home ground of Nacional Asuncion is Estadio Arsenio Erico with a 5,000 capacity.

What is the latest football scores between Nacional Asuncion vs Cerro Porteno?

The last match between Cerro Porteno vs Nacional Asuncion was played on 22 February 2019. The match was a draw 1-1 at Cerro Porteno's ground. Half time result was 0-0.
Cerro Porteno
Hernan Novick Rattich 74 ⚽
Nacional Asuncion
⚽ 55 Miguel Paniagua

Match preview between Cerro Porteno vs Nacional Asuncion

The match will be played on 22 February 2019 at Cerro Porteno's ground for - League 1 ..

Cerro Porteno vs Nacional Asuncion live score

Live updates on 22 February 2019.
Last Update: 2019-02-23 03:17:36

Head to Head (h2h)

22 February 2019Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
06 December 2018Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
23 September 2018Nacional Asuncion0 - 3Cerro Porteno
04 February 2018Nacional Asuncion2 - 1Cerro Porteno
12 November 2017Cerro Porteno3 - 1Nacional Asuncion
08 November 2017Nacional Asuncion1 - 2Cerro Porteno
23 April 2017Nacional Asuncion2 - 0Cerro Porteno
12 February 2017Cerro Porteno2 - 1Nacional Asuncion
02 October 2016Nacional Asuncion1 - 6Cerro Porteno
15 July 2016Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
08 May 2016Nacional Asuncion1 - 1Cerro Porteno
05 March 2016Cerro Porteno1 - 2Nacional Asuncion
29 November 2015Cerro Porteno1 - 0Nacional Asuncion
27 June 2015Nacional Asuncion1 - 1Cerro Porteno
10 May 2015Cerro Porteno3 - 2Nacional Asuncion
08 March 2015Nacional Asuncion0 - 3Cerro Porteno
30 November 2014Cerro Porteno1 - 0Nacional Asuncion
28 September 2014Nacional Asuncion0 - 1Cerro Porteno
18 May 2014Nacional Asuncion2 - 1Cerro Porteno
08 March 2014Cerro Porteno0 - 1Nacional Asuncion
01 February 2014Cerro Porteno2 - 1Nacional Asuncion
06 December 2013Cerro Porteno4 - 1Nacional Asuncion
28 September 2013Nacional Asuncion0 - 1Cerro Porteno
28 June 2013Nacional Asuncion0 - 2Cerro Porteno
28 April 2013Cerro Porteno1 - 4Nacional Asuncion
09 December 2012Nacional Asuncion0 - 1Cerro Porteno
30 September 2012Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
13 June 2012Cerro Porteno2 - 1Nacional Asuncion
10 March 2012Nacional Asuncion2 - 0Cerro Porteno
05 November 2011Cerro Porteno1 - 3Nacional Asuncion
21 August 2011Nacional Asuncion1 - 1Cerro Porteno
05 June 2011Cerro Porteno1 - 2Nacional Asuncion
26 March 2011Nacional Asuncion2 - 0Cerro Porteno
03 October 2010Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
18 July 2010Nacional Asuncion0 - 0Cerro Porteno
18 April 2010Nacional Asuncion0 - 3Cerro Porteno
17 February 2010Cerro Porteno3 - 0Nacional Asuncion
07 October 2009Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
26 July 2009Nacional Asuncion2 - 0Cerro Porteno
03 May 2009Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
15 February 2009Nacional Asuncion0 - 2Cerro Porteno
16 November 2008Nacional Asuncion1 - 0Cerro Porteno
14 September 2008Cerro Porteno2 - 3Nacional Asuncion
01 June 2008Nacional Asuncion0 - 3Cerro Porteno
30 March 2008Cerro Porteno0 - 0Nacional Asuncion
25 January 2008Cerro Porteno1 - 1Nacional Asuncion
12 October 2007Nacional Asuncion1 - 3Cerro Porteno
11 August 2007Cerro Porteno1 - 0Nacional Asuncion
20 May 2007Nacional Asuncion1 - 1Cerro Porteno
02 March 2007Cerro Porteno3 - 1Nacional Asuncion
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