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Port Talbot vs Goytre Utd Cwmbran Celtic vs Ton Pentre Caerau Ely vs Caldicot Town AFC Afan Lido vs Barry Town AFC


Taffs Well vs Risca Utd


Goytre vs Port Talbot Caldicot Town AFC vs Taffs Well Ton Pentre vs Afan Lido Cwmbran Celtic vs Caerau Ely Goytre Utd vs Pen-y-Bont FC Undy Athletic vs Monmouth Town


Risca Utd vs Cambrian & Clydach


Cambrian & Clydach vs Caldicot Town AFC Goytre vs Goytre Utd Monmouth Town vs Barry Town AFC Pen-y-Bont FC vs Undy Athletic Afan Lido vs Caerau Ely Taffs Well vs Cwmbran Celtic Port Talbot vs Risca Utd Haverfordwest County vs Ton Pentre


Risca Utd vs Goytre Monmouth Town vs Ton Pentre Goytre Utd vs Undy Athletic Cwmbran Celtic vs Cambrian & Clydach Caldicot Town AFC vs Port Talbot Caerau Ely vs Haverfordwest County Barry Town AFC vs Pen-y-Bont FC


Afan Lido vs Taffs Well


Monmouth Town vs Caerau Ely Cambrian & Clydach vs Afan Lido



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