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NJS Latest Results and Next Matches

World > Club Friendlies

  • NJS vs LPS Helsinki
  • Finland > Kakkonen Group A

  • NJS vs Jippo Joensuu
  • PK Keski-Uusimaa vs NJS
  • NJS vs MP
  • Vaajakoski vs NJS
  • Myllykoski vs NJS
  • NJS vs Gnistan
  • NJS vs Viikingit
  • LPS Helsinki vs NJS
  • NJS vs MiPK Mikkeli
  • NJS vs JaPS
  • PEPO vs NJS
  • Jippo Joensuu vs NJS
  • NJS vs PK Keski-Uusimaa
  • NJS vs Myllykoski
  • Gnistan vs NJS
  • Viikingit vs NJS
  • NJS vs LPS Helsinki
  • MiPK Mikkeli vs NJS
  • NJS vs Vaajakoski
  • JaPS vs NJS
  • NJS vs PEPO
  • MP vs NJS
  • World > Club Friendlies

  • Gnistan vs NJS
  • RiPS vs NJS
  • Malmin Palloseura Helsinki vs NJS
  • Finland > CUP

  • NJS vs FC Kontu
  • Finland > League 3 - South

  • TPV vs NJS
  • NJS vs KäPa Helsinki
  • Atlantis FC vs NJS
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