Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda

Maccabi Netanya

Maccabi Netanya FC ( Moadon Kaduregel Maccabi Netanya ) is an Israeli football club based in Netanya . Maccabi Netanya Football Club founded in 1934; 81 years ago. The home ground of Maccabi Netanya is Netanya Stadium with a 13,800 capacity. Recently manager of Maccabi Netanya is Slobodan Drapić

Bney Yehuda

Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv FC ( Moadon Kaduregel Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv ), commonly known as just Bnei Yehuda , is an Israeli football club from the Hatikva Quarter of Tel Aviv . Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv Football Club founded 82 years ago in 1936. The home ground of Bney Yehuda is Bloomfield Stadium with a 14,960 capacity. Recently manager of Bney Yehuda is Arik Benado

What is the latest football scores between Bney Yehuda vs Maccabi Netanya?

The last match between Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda was played on 16 May 2018. Bney Yehuda won the match 0-5 at Maccabi Netanya's ground. Half time result was 0-1.

Match preview between Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda

The match will be played on 16 May 2018 at Maccabi Netanya's ground for Israel League 1 . Find out head to head,latest matches, statistics in this page that let you make a prediction about the match result and final result.

Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda live score

You will be able to follow live score updates on 16 May 2018 while the match is playing.
May 16 2018,05-16-2018,16 May 18,16 May 2018 Last Update: 2018-05-16 20:09:21
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Head to Head (h2h)

16 May 2018Maccabi Netanya0 - 5Bney Yehuda
13 April 2018Bney Yehuda1 - 3Maccabi Netanya
10 March 2018Bney Yehuda0 - 1Maccabi Netanya
09 December 2017Maccabi Netanya1 - 2Bney Yehuda
01 May 2016Maccabi Netanya0 - 1Bney Yehuda
16 January 2016Maccabi Netanya0 - 2Bney Yehuda
03 October 2015Bney Yehuda1 - 2Maccabi Netanya
09 February 2013Maccabi Netanya3 - 5Bney Yehuda
10 November 2012Bney Yehuda3 - 0Maccabi Netanya
31 March 2012Bney Yehuda1 - 0Maccabi Netanya
31 December 2011Maccabi Netanya1 - 0Bney Yehuda
17 September 2011Bney Yehuda1 - 2Maccabi Netanya
14 May 2011Maccabi Netanya0 - 4Bney Yehuda
13 March 2011Bney Yehuda1 - 1Maccabi Netanya
01 February 2011Maccabi Netanya4 - 1Bney Yehuda
20 November 2010Maccabi Netanya0 - 0Bney Yehuda
10 April 2010Maccabi Netanya1 - 1Bney Yehuda
27 December 2009Bney Yehuda2 - 1Maccabi Netanya
04 April 2009Bney Yehuda2 - 0Maccabi Netanya
07 February 2009Bney Yehuda1 - 1Maccabi Netanya
01 November 2008Maccabi Netanya2 - 2Bney Yehuda
24 May 2008Maccabi Netanya3 - 2Bney Yehuda
01 March 2008Maccabi Netanya0 - 0Bney Yehuda
01 December 2007Bney Yehuda1 - 2Maccabi Netanya
05 May 2007Maccabi Netanya3 - 0Bney Yehuda
03 February 2007Bney Yehuda1 - 1Maccabi Netanya
04 November 2006Maccabi Netanya0 - 0Bney Yehuda
29 April 2006Maccabi Netanya2 - 1Bney Yehuda
28 January 2006Bney Yehuda1 - 0Maccabi Netanya
05 November 2005Maccabi Netanya0 - 1Bney Yehuda
Maccabi Netanya Bney Yehuda
Maccabi Netanya Football Club Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv Football Club
Nickname: The Diamonds HaShkhuna (The Neighbourhood) HaZehuvim (The Goldens) HaArayot (The Lions)
Played: 30 30
Goals: 34 43
Score per Match: 1,13 1,43
Manager: Slobodan Drapić Arik Benado
Founded: 1934; 81 years ago 1936
Ground: Netanya Stadium Bloomfield Stadium
Official Website: - -


Maccabi Netanya Bney Yehuda live score, results , head to head and match preview of Maccabi Netanya v Bney Yehuda.
Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda 16 May 2018 17:15 90 mins Full Time Maccabi Netanya vs Bney Yehuda
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