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Ivry Latest Results and Next Matches

France > CFA - Group A

  • Ivry vs Paris Saint Germain B
  • Quevilly vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Lens B
  • Lille B vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Mantes-la-Ville
  • Beauvais vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Iris Club de Croix
  • Dieppe vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Amiens AC
  • Ivry vs Roye Noyon US
  • Lens B vs Ivry
  • Arras vs Ivry
  • Entente Sannois vs Ivry
  • Sedan vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Romorantin
  • Ivry vs Quevilly
  • Ivry vs Lille B
  • Mantes-la-Ville vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Beauvais
  • Iris Club de Croix vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Dieppe
  • Roye Noyon US vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Arras
  • Amiens AC vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Sedan
  • Calais RUFC vs Ivry
  • Ivry vs Entente Sannois
  • Romorantin vs Ivry
  • Paris Saint Germain B vs Ivry
  • Dieppe vs Ivry