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Welcome to's Widgets and APIs, free and fully customizable for your websites.

We provide two type of widget. One is live score service for your websites/blogs. Other one is live updates of a specific team you choose. Implement our widget in your website now and enjoy to offer real-time updates for your visitors. We take care of collecting this information and presenting them on a tray. Just put the code in your website/blog.

Live Score Widget (ad-free)

Looking for livescore widget without ads. Try our ad-free, responsive, fully customizable live score widget.
Do you have a WordPress site? Click here to download our livescore plugin.

Team Widget

Team Widget let you provide recent match of the team ,that you select, with real-time updates.

Widget Code
  • Selected team is Leicester as a sample.
  • You have to select your team.
  • <a href="">Leicester scores</a>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="" api="livescore" callback="" BZwidth="300" BZcolor="white" async template="simple-auto"></script>

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